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Stainless steel furnace

Stainless steel furnace

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Technical parameters:

Input voltage: three - phase four - wire 3 8 0 V 1 0 %

Input power: single burner 1, 2 K W

Heating mode: electromagnetic induction heating

Heating temperature: 4, 3, 0 degrees ~ 5, 0 degrees

Cooling mode: air cooling

Operation mode: each burner is independent of P L C semi-automatic control

Temperature control: P, L and C automatic isothermal and thermal insulation control

Protection mode: short - phase, anti - phase, over - current, short - circuit, over - temperature protection, time - out protection, etc

Display output: digital display current temperature, working current, fault code; The status indicator shows the working status and fault indication.

Case material: high temperature spraying, stainless steel (reservation required)


1. The G series mould furnace adopts the loading/unloading mode with the furnace head (coil) moving. The furnace head drives the light heating coil to move, the driving part runs stably, and the part loses little; The pallet placed on the mold is fixed and directly touches the ground. This way, the weight of the mold is not limited, and it is not afraid of the impact of the mold.

2. Adopt pinion and rack to drive the furnace head in and out and chain to drive the heating coil up and down, with long mechanical life and good stability.

3. Independent indicator light can be seen at a distance, and each state is clear at a glance. Heating, heat preservation, transmission.

Model specification:

modelThe furnace capita

Customizable diameter

Customizable heightHeating timeInstallation dimensions
J R - G 2 5 0 22∮130~25060~25015~251540×1400×1480
J R - G 2 5 0 3    3∮130~25060~25015~252285×1400×1480
J R - G 3 5 0 2     2∮250~35060~35025~551790×1620×1540
J R - G 3 5 0 3    3∮250~35060~35025~552710×1620×1540
J R - G 4 0 0 2    2∮350~40060~38030~751890×1720×1580
J R - G 4 0 0 3     3∮350~40060~38030~752860×1720×1580
J R - G 4 5 0 2     2∮400~45060~38050~901990×1820×1580
J R - G 4 5 0 3     3∮400~45060~38050~903010×1820×1580

Note: dimension unit in the table: mm; Time unit: minutes.

Molds with a diameter of more than 4, 50 and 0 m can be customized according to the actual specifications. The model is single burner.

In order to ensure the heating effect, it is suggested that the heated mold should be in the range of customized diameter - 60 m m, and the height should be more than half of the customized height.

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