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Features and advantages of open - cover mould heating furnace

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Foshan gaoteng automation equipment co., LTD. Mainly designs and produces various drawer type and open-cover mold heating furnaces, and will develop, design and manufacture aluminum rod infrared heating furnaces in the future.

Features and advantages of drawer type mould heating furnace:

Features: small size, mobile and easy to operate, compared with traditional stoves, mould heating time reduced by more than 50%, and 50% less energy consumption, decrease the rate of 90% of the mold damage, reduce the consumption of the test bar, profile extrusion is improved productivity and flexibility, can effectively improve the surface quality of extruded profiles, the safety of the superior performance and advanced PLC automatic control.

Specifications :(our infrared mold heating furnace is divided into three specifications)

1. The standard type (nwd-cb-g21) is made of stainless steel. The whole furnace body is equipped with electric push rod to open and close the door.

2, non-standard (nwd-cfb-g11) appearance of stainless steel material, the whole furnace body for manual open and close, a new lock device, lock the door when the door closed.

3, non-standard (nwd-cfb-11) appearance of ordinary steel, the whole furnace body for manual opening and closing, a new lock device, the door lock when the door closed.

Application: suitable for heating die with diameter less than 300mm.

Performance: this infrared mould heating furnace is specially designed for the mould with diameter less than 300mm.

1, heated Φ 140 mm 4 piece mold time is about 40 minutes.

2, heating Φ 180 mm 4 piece mold time is about 45 minutes.

3, heating Φ 280 mm 2 piece of mould is about 47 minutes.

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