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How much can transform electromagnetism heater save after all?

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At present, many enterprises after the transformation of the electromagnetic heater, reflect the power saving is very obvious, such as granulator plastic machinery. Nevertheless, still have a lot of customers that did not transform to have doubt, how much can electromagnetism heater save after all? The following mold furnace, mold heating furnace, energy-saving mold furnace of foshan city high teng automation equipment co., ltd. for your detailed answer.

First of all, let's understand how the electromagnetic heater is to play the effect of power saving?

The principle of the electromagnetic heater is to convert electrical energy into heat energy according to electromagnetic induction. Through internal rectification filter circuit of 50 hz alternating current into direct current, then through the PWM control circuit converts dc frequency for 20-30 KHZ high frequency high voltage, high speed change of current through the coil produces the changing magnetic field, when the magnetic field lines inside the magnetic field through the heated metal objects, can produce a myriad of small inside the heated metal eddy current, so that the heated metal object itself high fever.

At the same time, the surface of the barrel is also coated with a layer of insulation cotton, the heat generated can not run in the outside air, but all used for heating production. Since the heating mode of the electromagnetic heater is to make the heated object generate heat, and the insulation cotton is covered, the heat generated after the insulation cotton is covered will not be wasted, and because the heat will not run into the air, the traditional resistance type can be solved because the heat runs into the air and causes high temperature in the workshop.

Therefore, we can see from the above content that this heating method has the effect of fast heating speed and high thermal efficiency. Compared with the traditional heating method of resistance wire, the energy saving rate is up to more than 30%.

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