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What are the key selection points when purchasing medium frequency heating furnace equipment?

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Main application of medium frequency furnace equipment: diathermic forging and temperature compensation of bar, round steel, square steel and steel plate; On-line heating and local heating of blanching blanks; Online forging of metal materials (such as gear, half-axle connecting rod, bearing, etc.), extrusion, hot rolling, pre-shear heating, spraying heating, thermal assembly and overall tempering, annealing and tempering of metal materials, etc.

The main points of medium frequency heating furnace equipment selection are as follows:

1, according to the power, frequency, to choose the right model.

2, according to the quenching field, to choose the matching sensor.

3. In the field of diathermy forging, suitable inductor and furnace are selected.

4. Familiar with the general knowledge of heat treatment and induction heating principle.

5, choose a reasonable model, can be used efficiently, improve our work efficiency.

The characteristics of medium frequency furnace equipment has: IGBT device energy saving energy saving, high power, low frequency, fast heating, heating uniformity, less oxidation decarburization, high degree of automation, environmental protection, no pollution, low loss, durable, the appearance of the whole machine design is concise and beautiful, and very convenient to operate, the screen is clear, its protection function is stronger.

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