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How to choose the power of electromagnetic heater?

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After the introduction of the policy of "coal to electricity", many enterprises in China are looking for a better plan of energy-saving transformation, among which the electromagnetic heating technology is favored by many enterprises due to its high stability, high safety and energy-saving characteristics. So how to choose and match the power of the electromagnetic heater, electromagnetic heater in use need to pay attention to what?

How to choose the power of the electromagnetic heater?

1. Confirm the original heating form of the equipment requiring energy-saving transformation

A. electric furnace wire/quartz: confirm the number of original heating zone and the heating power of each heating zone, and then select the electromagnetic heating product with the corresponding power model nearby for matching. If the power is less than 2.5kw, then select the 2.5kw electromagnetic heating control board, and match the number of products with the same number of the original heating zone. This method is mainly used in injection molding machine, film blowing machine, drawing machine, extruder and other equipment with low power.

B. coal/diesel heating: confirm the diameter of the cylinder, the length of the area to be heated, the temperature to be heated according to the production and the specific output requirements. This method requires a certain professional level and experience. If the customer needs, the above data can be provided for identification by the manufacturer of the electromagnetic heater. This method is mainly used in water granulator, various boilers and other high power equipment.

2, heating: electromagnetic heating power collocation can refer to the daily air conditioning collocation method, namely 15 square /KW can meet heating needs.

Safety manual of electromagnetic heater

1. When in use, inflammable and explosive items shall not be placed near the electromagnetic heater, and a certain safety distance shall be kept.

2. The electromagnetic heater must be placed on the base of non-conductive non-combustible material; The safe closure of the conductor of the electromagnetic heater must meet the capacity requirements of the electromagnetic heater, and the industrial electromagnetic heater must be equipped with a separate circuit in any case.

3, the wire must be installed plug, can not be directly inserted into the electromagnetic heater wire socket; The wire of the electromagnetic heater should be replaced in time if it is aged or damaged. The electromagnetic heater without a fuse in the circuit should not be used. Electromagnetic heater must be watched when using, should pull out the plug when leaving, in the process of use, if encounter blackout, also should pull out the plug of electromagnetic heater in time, do not forget.

4, for repeated repair of the resistance wire, try not to use, should be replaced by a new resistance wire. It is forbidden to dry inflammable and explosive goods with electromagnetic heater. Electric oven should control the temperature of the device, not only to prevent the temperature is too high, but also to prevent the electromagnetic heater baking time is too long.

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