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What are the advantages of high frequency heating furnace?

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nut workpiece diathermy forging and many other fields, but for many friends, the understanding of the high frequency furnace is not so deep, the following mold furnace, mold furnace, energy-saving mold furnace foshan gaoteng automation equipment co.

1, rapid heat treatment, induction quenching heating time in seconds, generally within 2-10s, the production cycle is also short, especially in the case of tempering or induction tempering, this process is similar to the machining process, so the modern induction quenching equipment, has been arranged in the production line or automatic line.

2, energy saving heat treatment, its energy consumption and carburizing, nitriding, tempering and tempering has a great advantage, energy saving and electricity saving, when the workpiece quenching part quality and the overall quality difference is greater, its advantage is more obvious.

3, clean heat treatment, induction quenching used by the quenching fluid, usually water, or with additives in the aqueous solution, so in the quenching, almost no soot, no pollution, improve the environment of the production space.

4, high-frequency heating furnace surface quenching, can make the workpiece has a hard shell, tough heart, so it can replace part of carburizing, tempering and nitriding process, save material alloy elements, due to the short heating time, less oxidation, less deformation.

5, the workpiece for local quenching, it can be accurate to the workpiece to quench the local heating, especially in the use of magnetic conductivity and the use of high power density, the effect will be more significant.

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