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Comparison of electromagnetic heater and traditional heating method

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In recent years, power electronics technology and "energy-saving, environmental protection, clean production" technology development is rapid, and the electromagnetic heater is the evolution of the new heating equipment. It has been recognized by many consumers since its emergence, and also presents the trend of replacing traditional heating methods. In view of the advantages and disadvantages of electromagnetic heaters and traditional heating methods, today's foshan gaoteng automation equipment co., ltd. of mold furnace, mold heating furnace, energy-saving mold furnace make the following summary.

1, the traditional resistance heating enterprise existing traditional heating mode is made by the resistance wire circle circle, which the heat conduction to the cylinder, the external heat is most direct is lost into the air, thereby causing loss to the electrical energy directly, high waste, at the same time led to the high ambient temperature in the system operation, make the enterprise have to indirect air conditioning are adopted to decrease the indoor temperature. As we all know, resistance wire is easy to burn out due to high temperature aging, and its service life is about half a year, so the workload of replacement and maintenance is relatively large. People's recognition of the electromagnetic heater is a recognition of the shortcomings of traditional heating to make improvements.

2, electromagnetic heating products electromagnetic heater coil itself produces less heat, so the life of up to 10 years and do not need follow-up maintenance, maintenance and replacement cost is zero; The outer wall of the cylinder is heated by high-frequency electromagnetic action, and the heat is fully utilized. The heat mainly accumulates in the inside of the heating body, with the surface temperature slightly higher than room temperature, which can be safely and directly touched by hand. The average preheating time is 60% faster than the resistance coil heating method, the thermal efficiency is as high as 96%, and the power saving is 30-70%, which greatly improves the production efficiency. In addition, the temperature of the inner and outer wall of the cylinder of the electromagnetic heater is the same, which is more real-time and accurate than the traditional resistance heating and obviously improves the product quality.

The market of electromagnetism heater also gets people hold in both hands highly along with its excellent actual strength, extend ceaselessly to domestic and international. The appearance of electromagnetic heaters to a large extent to improve the working environment of workers production operations, improve the working comfort of workers, promote the product, reduce the original ventilation and cooling costs of the factory. Whether it is in the spirit of people-oriented concept or the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, to the factory and front-line production personnel to create an efficient and environmentally safe and comfortable production environment is for the long-term development of enterprises to make the appropriate choice.

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