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What should I pay attention to when installing the electromagnetic heater

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In fact, with the continuous development of electrical appliances and technology innovation, we all use in conducting heat development at the different means of electrical appliances, including nonrenewable resources, renewable resources development, resistor circuit, infrared ray, electromagnetic induction, etc., and hot water as one for efficient electromagnetic heater, is also a high degree of environmentally friendly way, has become a modern civil heating and industrial don't heat energy is converted to a common. So, in the face of a rich variety of hot water electromagnetic heaters, we should pay attention to how to install it before using what problems.

First hot water heating in the development of electromagnetic heater form classification of ohmic heating is a common form of heating for electromagnetic before it was based on the current through the metal body heat release to achieve heating, among them, the resistance wire heating tube, ceramic products, quartz heating quality heating is given priority to, the principle is the same; The other one is infrared heating, which USES electromagnetic wave as the radiation heating medium to generate resonance and rotation of the heated body, thus generating high-energy heat.

Before installation, we need to determine our power requirements for the hot water electromagnetic heater. The thermal efficiency of the hot water electromagnetic heater is much higher than that of the traditional resistance heating, so we only need to set the same heating power of 70% to 80% of the resistance.

Based on the original heat resistive heating coil remove can make electromagnetic heater is no longer in the form of resistance heating, hot water in the heating coil outside the parcel layer thickness in 1.8-2.0 cm insulation layer of cotton, and then adding a layer in the outer diameter of around 1 mm hard epoxy resin board, in order to realize the smooth repair of appearance, better play to the effect of heat preservation cotton. After, is also an important link, we need to choose high temperature resistance hot water electromagnetic heater dedicated electromagnetic heating line (high temperature resistance temperature is about 500 degrees Celsius to 600 degrees Celsius), in the tubular material cylinder periphery for tight winding.

After the wiring of each different function port is completed, the whole hot water electromagnetic heater can be used, and its maintenance and repair can also be carried out according to this step.

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