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Where can the electromagnetic heater be applied

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Main application range of electromagnetic heater:

Plastic injection molding machine, plastic wire drawing machine, blown film machine, granulating machine, extrusion machine (including cable production extruder), extrusion molding machine, trigger, thermoplastic plastic tubing, plastic material production, pipeline heat tracing (such as oil pipeline) mould heating, (school, reconstruction of the hotel hot water), energy-saving heating vacuum diffusion pump, boiler energy saving heating, the mechanism of charcoal machine heating, hot water heating, heating engineering heating equipment, etc.

Performance characteristics of electromagnetic heating controller:

1, plastic machinery energy saving technology revolution.

2. The power saving effect can reach 30%-75%.

3. Improve product quality and production efficiency.

4, good environmental protection effect, significantly reduce the environmental temperature of the production workshop.

5. Completely avoid unsafe factors caused by traditional heating methods.

6, cost-effective, convenient and quick maintenance.

Electromagnetic heater is a relatively new type of energy-saving heating products, has the power saving effect is remarkable, fast heating, high thermal efficiency, reduce the production environment temperature, and other significant characteristics of maintenance free, and had no effect on the original production process, operation procedures and change, has been widely used in the industries of plastics processing and its similar to heating. Electromagnetic heater is composed of electromagnetic heating coil and electromagnetic heating controller.

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