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Advantages of household electromagnetic heaters

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With the development of heating technology, intelligent heating and a new approach, the electromagnetic heater can be home heating! The electromagnetic heater replaces the traditional household heating by the energy saving environmental protection, the heating stability and the tough technology. Foshan gaoteng automation equipment co., LTD., which has mould furnace, mould heating furnace and energy-saving mould furnace below, shares the advantages of household electromagnetic heater for everyone!

1. Household electromagnetic heater

Electromagnetic heater single machine, mobile electromagnetic water heater, electromagnetic heating, high frequency electromagnetic heating. Heating mode, high frequency electromagnetic heating, energy saving, environmental protection, comfort and safety, complete water and electricity separation, temperature self-regulation, microcomputer intelligent control, long service life, can work continuously for more than 15000h.

2. Technical advantages

High frequency electromagnetic heating technology, rongcai monomer portable electromagnetic heating heater adopts the principle of electromagnetic heating, the heating core to complete the separation of water and electricity, heating the core part of the water to form a fixed magnetic field, through magnetic line cutting, the magnetized water without scaling. Therefore, the service life of the whole hvac system is prolonged, the heating thermal efficiency is more stable, and the maintenance cost is lower.

3. Advantages in use

Soft start soft close no start shock current, general electrical appliances, will produce shock current caused by the voltage drop. The impact current directly affects the environment and the service life of other electric appliances. Electric heating products for users is a power greater electrical appliances, and in winter because of the reason of temperature setting, relatively frequent switch every day, such as not soft start soft close on other household appliances have a great impact.

4. Heating effect

Rong color TV magnetic heating equipment power is constant, through frequency conversion pulse width adjustment, when the voltage is high, the current will be automatically lowered, when the voltage is low, the current will be automatically raised, to ensure the electrical power is constant, to ensure the service life of the electromagnetic heater and heating effect.

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