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How to nurse the daily of electromagnetism heater?

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With the development of social science and technology, the application of electromagnetic heating technology is very common. The use of electromagnetic induction heaters in industrial heating can not only save costs for production enterprises, but also contribute to the cause of environmental protection, which is a good thing. So how to care for the daily electromagnetic heater? The following by the mold furnace, mold heating furnace, energy-saving mold furnace foshan city high teng automation equipment co.

1. Whether the product is installed correctly.

Each type of electromagnetic heater and electromagnetic heating ring requirements of insulation cotton thickness, winding length, inductance value, input current value is different, must be in accordance with the manufacturer factory installation instructions for the standard. It is also very important that the spacing between the coil sets of each electromagnetic heating control panel is more than 10cm, because too close to each other will affect each other. Only the electromagnetic heater installed in the normal parameters of the range to ensure long-term stable operation.

2. The environment of the workshop is related to dust, dust and humidity.

Generally speaking, the larger the dust dust, the more adverse to the electromagnetic heating control motherboard. In case of large dust, the fan on the electromagnetic heater should be cleaned regularly. The air-cooled electromagnetic heater is mainly for heat dissipation, and the indoor ventilation should be better, so as to prevent the fan from getting stuck and not having the heat dissipation effect of the main board, thus causing the components to overheat and burn out.

3. The quality of products also matters a lot.

If it has been installed according to the parameters on the manual, the workshop dust dust is not big under the circumstances of the electromagnetic heater is often out of order, then this is the quality of the problem. Do not exclude some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of the use of cheap components to do lead to product quality instability and frequent failure, another reason is that although the use of components is good, but the circuit board itself is not reasonable design will lead to failure. If it is caused by quality problem, it is suggested to change one.

4. Degree of care for the product.

For the workshop dust dust is relatively big user, should regularly brush the fan on the electromagnetic heater with the brush, with the dust on the electromagnetic heating coil, for the coil need not have heavy pressure, or cut, do not often have water splashed on the coil or electromagnetic induction heater.

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