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Industrial applications of electromagnetic heaters

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Industrial application field of electromagnetic heater: electromagnetic heater is an important energy saving and emission reduction product, the energy conversion rate reaches more than 95%, and the energy saving effect is 30% to 70% higher than the traditional electric heating heating efficiency. Electromagnetic heating equipment in plastic machinery, food machinery, chemical industry, wood carbon, drying, clothing, medicine, mold, pipe, copper, aluminum heating, and other industries efficient heating. Here are some examples of heating energy saving occasions:

1, the annual output of China's plastic products above the scale of enterprises 66 million tons, processing per ton of plastic products electricity consumption 300 degrees calculation, China's annual plastic processing industry alone needs 19.8 billion KWH, the consumption of electricity is very huge. The electromagnetic heating equipment can save 30%-60% of the energy in the heating part of the plastic mechanical equipment, which greatly reduces the electricity consumption of the whole plastic industry by about 30%, equivalent to the power generation of several three gorges power stations.

2, electromagnetic heat heater can be used in high-power electromagnetic heating boiler, most of the boiler or burning coal, oil and other ways, serious pollution to the environment. The use of electromagnetic heating equipment is conducive to the renovation of traditional coal-fired boilers, both environmental protection, and energy saving, benefit society, its energy saving meaning is significant, environmental reform is of great significance.

3, electromagnetic heater is also petrochemical industry equipment upgrading products, especially in the transport need heating, flammable and explosive, toxic and harmful medium can show the advantages of electromagnetic heating equipment: both transport medium, no heating medium, never leakage, low noise, corrosion protection, explosion protection.

4, the electromagnetic heater can also be used in the drum equipment, now most of the drum equipment or the traditional heating wire heating, and then through the thermal oil cycle heating, this method heating slow, low efficiency, also bring very inconvenient maintenance. Using electromagnetic heating equipment can be installed in the drum outside the coil that can be completed drum heating. Easy installation, fast heating, greatly improve thermal efficiency, accurate temperature control. The most important thing is that there is no pollution in the working environment and a clean production 

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