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Research on refractory technology of automatic heating furnace

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With the large scale and high efficiency of domestic rolling mill, the heating furnace is put forward a higher demand, its development trend is large, low consumption, pollution-free and automatic operation, so the furnace materials can be divided into two types: side opening type and lifting type. Door of furnace USES clay brick, fireproof castable or fireproof but plastic, tall aluminous qualitative adiabat brick or fireproof fiber blanket to wait for material to make lining commonly. The side-opening furnace door can be used in one furnace. The lift furnace door has a service life of about 1a due to the influence of temperature fluctuation and mechanical collision.

In addition to the use of water-cooled cast iron out of the steel trough, the general use of high-alumina brick or magnesium brick masonry, service life of 3~6 months. When using sintered or electric melting mullite masonry, it has high strength, good abrasion resistance, but poor thermal shock resistance, easy to crack, and a life of about 1a. Adopt heat-resistant steel fiber staggered jade-type refractory castable to be poured on site into an integral steel chute with service life of more than 2a.

Ceramic slideway is made up of brown corundum and silicon carbide slideway brick. Two or four lines of foundation wall shall be constructed with firebrick in the direction of the furnace length. The high alumina carborundum block is laid on the foundation wall, and then the sliding track block is installed to form the ceramic slide. The billet moves on the slide to realize heating on the top and bottom, which has the advantages of less energy consumption and no black mark on the billet. The ceramic slideway can bear the effects of high temperature, steel billet load, high temperature wear and oxidized iron slag erosion, and its service life is about 1a.

And fireproof material of furnace bottom water cooling adiabatic USES big, medium push-silver type or stepping beam type heating furnace, furnace bottom water cooling pipe is by fore-and-aft, transverse distributing and the thick wall water cooling pipe that has prop up action is comprised. The purpose of thermal insulation is to reduce the heat taken away by the cooling medium reduce the black mark of billet and improve the heating quality.

Its adiabatic way cent is special model clay brick is encircled or horseshoe shape brick is hanged, fireproof but the welding tile type that plastic or fireproof castable makings make is precast piece welding or with this makings and fireproof fiber blanket the spot is wrapped etc. The service life is generally 3~12 months. When the use of high quality refractory plastic, ultra-low cement or no cement and other refractory castable for site packaging, its service life of more than 1a. Flue and smoke self-use refractory material flue lining is generally used dry brick masonry, also can be used refractory castable precast block hanging by laying bricks or pouring site, sometimes also can be used refractory spray coating construction. Red brick or concrete chimneys are built with refractory bricks in high temperature areas. Metal chimney inner wall welding metal anchor nails, sometimes add metal mesh, using light refractory castable or refractory spray coating for lining, easy to implement, strong integrity, long service life.


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