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Application and function introduction of aluminum profile mould heating furnace

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Supporting aluminum extrusion machine for heating mold:

1, apply to ¢70 - ¢300 mm aluminum rods of mold.

2. Heating mode: electric heating.

3. Power: 18-240kw.

4. Water-cooled circulating hot air blower.

5, pneumatic or hydraulic translation cover.

6, PID automatic temperature control.

7. Each room is heated independently to reduce energy consumption, extend the service life of the mold and ensure the product's formability.

Heating mode: resistance heating, fuel oil, gas heating.

Note: all kinds of non - standard industrial furnaces can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

The car-type mould heating furnace is composed of furnace body, furnace door, lifting and pressing mechanism, trolley, fan circulating device and electric control system.

1. Furnace body: the furnace body is a trolley type forced air circulation resistance furnace. Furnace wall, bottom, top, all use double-layer steel plate filled with pin fixed in the middle of high quality aluminum silicate fiber needling blanket and rock wool board and other insulation materials, in the construction of insulation material compression of more than 20%. The total thickness after compression is 300mm, including 100mm blanket and 200mm plate. Furnace housing is reinforced with q235-a 4mm steel plate and 16 # channel steel to ensure sufficient strength and steel degree. The inner wall material adopts SUS430 heat-resistant stainless steel plate block lap assembly structure. The inner wall is fixed and the insulation material is compressed by the bolts welded on the outer steel plate. Keep the equipment working in high temperature for a long time. The steel plate of furnace shell is coated with anti-rust paint twice, and silver powder paint after assembly.

2, furnace door: furnace door steel structure and insulation as the furnace body. Consider furnace door needs to move to increase appropriately on material specification. The lifting mechanism of the furnace door is composed of electromagnetic braking motor, reducer, coupling, bearing with seat, roller chain, sprocket and safety device, etc. The sealing of the furnace door is realized by the joint of the double knives on the furnace door and the double slots at the furnace door and by the cylinder controlled by four belt positions. In order to maintain the safety of the furnace door, the upper part of the furnace door also installed a safety device to rely on the cylinder to achieve.

3. Trolley: the incoming and outgoing material platform is processed and welded with vehicle profile steel. The trolley is equipped with high aluminum heavy quality firebrick on the surface as the bearing material, and the heat insulation material is made of light quality firebrick.

The trolley and furnace body are sealed by cylinder. The cylinder is connected with the sealing groove. The sealing groove drives the sealing groove up and down along with the cylinder's rise and contraction. The fiber blanket is installed in the sealing groove. The rear seal adopts the form of spring pressure tight seal.

4. Fan circulation device: a low-pressure high-temperature axial flow fan with large air volume is installed on the top of the furnace to make the gas in the furnace circulate in a directional way. Fan work continuously high working temperature 700 ℃, bearing adopts water cooling, the spindle with 1 cr18ni9ti, smooth operation, reliable performance, long service life. And equipped with speed measuring head, can timely find the fan operation phenomenon, ensure the furnace gas in the normal flow rate of motion. Adopt the system of heating furnace, the uniformity of furnace temperature is + / - 5 ℃ or less and the uniformity of material temperature + 5 ℃ or less, in order to achieve uniformity of furnace temperature for each fan is equipped with independent inverter control, in order to facilitate the maintenance of the fan, will be equipped with a manual work station, convenient operating workers to regular supervision of fan, improve the life of the circulation fan.

The guide device comprises a horizontal guide plate and a vertical guide plate. The main function of the fan is to guide the hot air, so that the workpiece in the furnace uniform heat. Good heating conditions are obtained in the circulation of high-temperature airflow, which ensures the uniformity of heating speed and temperature. The guide plate is made of SUS304 heat resistant stainless steel with a thickness of 3mm. A smooth transition is used at the connection between the horizontal and vertical guides to reduce wind resistance.

5, heater, this furnace adopts the new bayonet heater, installed on the roof, vertical suspension on either side of the stove, it stands by electroless nickel chromium resistance belt around into a spiral of heating element and the ceramic heat insulation parts, its features are: small volume, big power installation, installation, maintenance, maintenance, easy disassembly, only need to loosen its corresponding bolt can be smoked out, easy to change and long life. The resistance wire is made of flat tape Cr20Ni80.

6. Electric control system: multi-zone control is adopted for temperature control, and solid state relay driven by Shanghai guolong intelligent instrument is adopted to power the heater. By using the online self-tuning function of the intelligent instrument, the better PID parameters of the furnace can be calculated and the more ideal temperature stability can be achieved. Each zone is provided with two double-core thermocouples for temperature detection. An ER multi-point recorder is set to record temperature and alarm.

Temperature over-temperature alarm system in the heating control circuit; When the overtemperature occurs in a certain area (the over-deviation alarm is generally adopted), the high-power contactor in the main circuit will cut off the heating main circuit in this area to ensure the safety of the workpiece and equipment in the furnace. At the same time, sound and light alarm is given.

Interlock: there is perfect interlock protection between the lifting and lifting of furnace door, the pressing of furnace door, the entering and exiting of trolley, the rotation of fan, the heating of heater and the on and off of cooling water.

Alarm: cooling water off, fan stop, compressed air under pressure, furnace door lift limit.

All the main control devices, such as solid state relay, ac contactor, quick fuse, intermediate relay, circuit breaker, travel switch, operation switch, button, signal indicator, etc., are reliable products produced by schneider and famous manufacturers at home and abroad.

Electrical control cabinet (screen) : the cabinet adopts the control cabinet manufactured by professional manufacturers according to international electrical standards. The size, structure and color of the cabinet conform to the standards commonly used at home and abroad.

The control cabinet is provided with daylight tubular lamps for maintenance.

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